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Nitin, or best known as Nate sat behind a desk for decades in a high turnover and somewhat toxic environment. He would need to constantly surround himself with hobbies and fun memories, just to escape the depleting day-to-day routine. 

Some of Nate's fondest hobbies and memories always lead back to Arcade Machines. His older brother would often take him to the Arcade as a child, and by the age of 20, Nate saved enough money to get his own Machine. Even though his Machine was unreliable, and began breaking down almost instantly, he learned how to fix and improve the inner workings each time - and ultimately gave life back Ol' Faithful.

FFWD back to the Office, there came a point where enough was just enough.  Nate ended up quitting his 9-5, and devoted himself to spending his time on only the things he loved.

The rest is history.